The Studio

Letterform Creative


Letterform Creative was started in 2016. It is devoted to empowering small business owners to proudly pursue their calling. By taking the job title of "designer" off your plate, you're able to focus on that which you truly love and are most gifted at.

Letterform's approach to branding and design is to understand the mission, values, and hear of a business, while diving deep to understand the needs of your audience. With that foundation, the design that emerges is thoughtful, intentional, and speaks clearly to the right people.



The Owner

Megan Hampson


I love the way certain things in life can boost one’s confidence: a fresh new haircut, the perfect outfit, or a beautiful brand identity, for example. I appreciate wit and subtlety in design. When not giving brand makeovers to small businesses, I like to get outside and be active, but I'm also never opposed to anything chocolate. As a military wife, home is wherever the army sends my husband and I, which is currently Southern California.

And in case it matters, I have a degree in Visual Communications from Seattle Pacific University.



Current Favorites


morning devotionals

Winston my cat

walking + listening to podcasts

eating pizza

traveling with my husband