2 simple ways to Customize Your Mailchimp Account

Are you using Mailchimp for your email marketing? If so, learn how to create a template for consistent, easy to send emails. Then customize your confirmation to create a professional, on-brand impression. Click through for video tutorials that will help you utilize Mailchimp to effectively grow your list!

If you're not convinced that you need an email list, check out last week's post then meet me back here!

This week in Email Marketing 101 I'm showing you how to make some simple customizations to your Mailchimp account. You can sign up for an account here. A free one will get you started, but to create automated emails for your welcome sequence (which we'll cover soon) you'll need to upgrade your account.

When you create your account it will automatically create a list with your business name. You can use this for your main email list. Eventually you may have multiple lists or segmented lists, but since this is Email Marketing 101, we’re not going to worry about that yet!

Create a Template

To get you started with Mailchimp, I've created some video tutorials to walk you through the basics. There are two videos this week. The first one shows you how to create a template in Mailchimp. This doesn't take long and will make sending emails easier in the long run by providing a consistent, branded template that you can use every time.

Customize Your Confirmation

This second video shows you how to customize your confirmation email. This is what people will see when they confirm their subscription to your list. Rather than using the generic Mailchimp confirmation, we're going to customize it to create a more professional, on-brand impression.

Once you’ve done those two things you’re ready to get some people on your list! In order to make that happen you’ll need an enticing lead magnet, which is what we'll cover next week. Stay tuned!

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