Before + After: The Photege Website

Marsha, photographer and owner of The Photege, contacted me looking for some professional feedback on her new website. She had designed and developed it herself, wanting something more clean and modern than her last website.

Her new website was a huge improvement from her old one, but there was still some room for improvement. Here's what it looked like before we chatted.

Homepage Before

Before + After: The Photege Website

When I looked at Marsha's website I could see that she was definitely off to a good start. The following are the changes I recommended.

  1. Make it clear what you do and who you do it for. This information should be one of the first things someone sees when they visit your website. It is also to important to make your call to action appealing to your ideal client.
  2. Simply the number of fonts used. The font that was used for the navigation and body was a little too busy next to the two different fonts of the logo. I recommended that she use a sans serif like the one in her logo for the body and navigation font.
  3. Remove the portfolio from the home page. The homepage was a little busy and had a lot of information on it. It wasn't necessary to have the portfolio there, as a link in the navigation is enough.
  4. Move "Hello" section to the about page. This information fits better on the about page. It was also redundant with the "Meet the Artist" below it.

Marsha did a wonderful job of implementing all of this feedback. Take a look below to see her updated website after we talked.

Homepage After

Before + After: The Photege Website

Overall Marsha's homepage is cleaner and more straight-forward than it was before. You can check out her live website and beautiful photography here!

If you think that your website or branding could use a facelift, send me a message and we can talk about ways to do that!