Mood / Warm + Relaxed Nostalgia

Looking for a little branding inspiration? This Mood board, designed by Letterform Creative, is for a family films videographer. The warm color palette and natural textures evoke a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Mood boards are a great way to guide your personal or business logo design or brand identity. If you're unable to work one-on-one with a graphic designer, create your own. The first step is to gather all of the Ideas you have, then pare them down to a  single, unified style. Click through to read more on the blog. 

Here's another mood board coming your way!

I love how each mood board has the potential to evoke a different emotion. This one makes me feel relaxed, happy, and completely content, basically like I'm soaking in a warm bubble bath (maybe it's the middle image on the top). Even though cool colors are typically associated with calm feelings, this board with it's warm palette is very calming to me.

This was the inspiration for a logo I designed for a videographer, specializing in family films. We just wrapped up the logo and it was a blast to work on! I'll be sharing it over here soon.

In the meantime, I'd love to know what emotions this mood board evokes for you?

Branding Advice / How to Infuse Your Personality into Your Brand as a Solopreneur

Are you a solopreneur, small business owner, or entrepreneur? Here is some great advice on how to add some of your personality into your business. There are tips for adding your personality into your brand identity, your headshot, your copy, your about page, and your email newsletters. Click through for some actionable ideas you can easily implement in your small business right now!

Last week I talked about ways to identify if your brand should have your personality or a personality of its own. If you missed that post, read it here.

Now I want to discuss specific ways that you can infuse more of YOU into your brand as a solopreneur.

As a reserved and private person myself, I shied away from revealing too many personal things in the beginning. However, I’ve found that when I’ve shared a photo of myself or a personal story, those have been the pieces of content that receive the most interaction.

People want to interact with other people, not a faceless business.

You don’t have to be an over-sharer by any means, but sharing a little more of yourself will encourage people to interact with you. Once they create a personal connection with you, they are much more likely to hire you or purchase your products.  

Let’s talk about some easy ways to add more of who you are into your business.

Adding Your Personality into Your Visuals

Your Brand Identity

The visual part of your brand is the quickest way that potential clients get a taste your business, so it’s important that you let them see what makes you unique.

Your visual identity, which includes (at the very least) your logo, color palette, and fonts, all must work together to create a cohesive personality. There’s a lot that goes into creating a strong brand identity. Hiring a professional designer is one way to go about it, but certainly not the only option.

If you’re doing your own branding for now, my free Mini Branding Guide is a great way to get started. Grab a copy here, go through each section and take action.

Your Headshot

Another simple way to let viewers get to know you is by putting a photo of yourself on your website. The first step is to make sure you have a high-quality photo of yourself, ideally taken by a professional. Here are some tips for ensuring that your personality comes through in your headshot.

Wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that shows your style. Don’t wear a button up shirt if you’re a casual person. Of course you should look your best, but you should also look like you.

Choose a location that reflects something about you. If you’re really outdoorsy then take your photo outside, maybe at a beach or in the woods. If you’re a homebody, then curl up on your couch and take it there. Just make sure that the background and your surroundings are not too busy. You should be the main focus.

It’s important that you look natural in your photo. The point of this is for people to get to know you, so be yourself. Avoid posing too much. Pretend like that camera in your face is one of your closest friends. Sitting down over a cup of coffee with your photographer is a great way to help you feel more comfortable and natural in front of the camera. That’s how I got my candid headshot!

Once you have a professional-looking photo of yourself, put it on your website. It should go on your about page with your bio and ideally on your homepage too. I was resistant to putting my photo on my homepage initially, but a business mentor recommended I do it. I’m glad I listened because it’s a great way to build trust and likeability right out of the gate.

Take Action:

  • Download the free Mini Branding Guide + complete it.
  • Get a high-quality photo taken of yourself.
  • Put your photo on your about page, and even on your homepage if you’re feeling brave!

Adding Your Personality into Your Copy

Writing Exercises

The copy that you use on your website should make readers feel like they’re getting to know you. Here are some fun writing exercises that will help add more of you into your copy.

 Imagine your ideal client and choose a person that fits that profile, preferably a real person, and even better if you know them. If you can’t think of a specific person, then imagine as many specifics about this ideal client as you can: her personality, her business, her likes, her dislikes.

Now draft a personal letter or email to her, as if writing to a friend. You’re not pitching anything. Just write her a letter to catch up on life and ask about her business. 

Once you’ve completed the letter, review the overall tone of it. Is it personal and friendly? Professional and sophisticated? Does the tone match up with the personality of your business? If so, draft all future business communications as if writing to that individual.

Another fun way to give personality to your copy is to add the unique phrases that you already use in day to day conversation. Ask those who know you best if there are any phrases you say regularly that are particularly memorable. 

For example, I had a client who would start almost every email with “Hey sister!”. Because of that I used that phrase on the contact page of her website. It’s a small thing, but it brings out her personality right from the start. Do you have a certain way of starting or ending every email? If so, try using it somewhere on your website.

Your About Page

Your About page is obviously an excellent place for people to get to know you. It’s important to include some of your credentials, but I’ve found that people also want to know something fun and personal about you that’s not business related. I include this as a list after my bio, on my about page. You don’t have to have a whole list, but throw in at least one really unique and memorable thing about yourself.

Your Email List

If you have an email list this is the perfect opportunity to get a little more personal. It’s easier to be personal in an email than on a blog because it’s not out there for the entire world to see. It’s only going to people who have already expressed interest in your business and they’d probably appreciate getting to know you a little better.

Some of my favorite email lists that I’m subscribed to are sent out by solopreneurs. One in particular always shares a personal story about herself and then relates it to her business. Not only is it fun to get to know a little more about her, but it usually makes for a memorable metaphor.

Take Action:

  • Draft a letter to your ideal client, then practice writing a blog post to her.
  • Ask friends and family if you have any unique phrases, or review your past emails for things you say a lot.
  • Add these sayings and phrases somewhere on your website.
  • Re-read the copy on your website and see if it speaks to your ideal client (bonus if you have an ideal client review it for you and provide feedback!).
  • Update your about page to include something fun, funny, or unique about you.
  • Write a personal story, relate it to your business, and send it out to your email list.

Now it’s time to do the work. Copy and paste, or write down all of the “take action” bullets. Then start adding more of you into your business!

Freebie / Mini Branding Guide for the Small Business Owner

Whenever I talk to small business owners about their branding the most common concern that comes up is whether or not their branding is cohesive. I get it. There are a lot of different directions you can take your branding and there are many elements that go into making a brand identity.

That's why I created the Mini Branding Guide. I'm giving it to you for FREE because I truly believe you can have cohesive and polished branding (even if you're doing it yourself) with a little direction.

If you can relate to any of the following, then this guide will be helpful for you:

  • Your branding lacks consistency and is all over the place.
  • You don't even know where to start when it comes to your branding.
  • You're worried that your business doesn't look professional. 

Defining Your Company and Ideal Client

When it comes to creating a visual brand identity, it’s important to establish the why behind it—what's important to your business, who your ideal client is, and what's important to them.

My mini branding guide has eight questions and one prompt that will help uncover the why behind your brand. By giving thought to these questions, you will have a solid foundation on which to build your brand identity.

Defining Your Visuals

I’m a list girl. I like making them and I like checking them off even more. My mini branding guide is essentially a checklist for your branding. It provides you with checklists to get your logo, font, and color palette under control.

Once you have those defined those three areas you will always know what to use for your branding. No more guesswork. No more experimenting. No more stress. Instead you will have the cohesive brand you’ve been dreaming of.

Download your copy now >>

Branding Advice / How To Keep Your Brand Voice And Visuals Cohesive

Need some professional branding and copywriting advice? This article has helpful tips for your small business that you can implement yourself. It's full of ideas for keeping your your visual design and copy cohesive throughout your marketing, Blogging, Emailing, website, and on social media. It includes some creative copy-writing prompts to infuse your personality into your copywriting. Click through to gather some inspiration!

A few weeks ago I had Melanie of Copy Refresh on the blog sharing how professional copywriting can enhance your brand experience. You can check out the post here if you missed it.

Melanie also gave me the opportunity to write a post for her blog, which I gladly took her up on. Continuing along the lines of branding and copywriting, I decided to discuss how to keep your brand voice and visuals cohesive. 

Here is what I outline in the article:

  1. How to establish your brand personality

  2. How to visually portray your brand personality

  3. How to communicate your brand personality through your copy

Each section has some "take action" cues to guide you through the process. I've also included some fun copywriting exercises that will help bring your personality out and keep your copy aligned with your brand identity.

Read the full article here >>

Branding Advice / What is the biggest impact professional branding has had on your business?

Are you still doing your own branding for your small business? Here is the incentive you need to hire a professional designer to design your brand identity. This blog interview with 12 small business owners provides the inspiration and motivation you need to invest in professional branding. The consensus is that it's the best business investment many have made. It will move your business forward, give you confidence, and change your mindset. Click through for more ideas and insights on how professional branding can take your business to the next level!

Have you put off hiring a designer to professionally brand your business because it doesn't seem worth the investment?

It's certainly not a small investment to make and it's easy to convince yourself that you can get by doing your branding yourself. And the truth is, you can. (Yep, a professional designer just that!)

But, do you really want to just get by with things in your business? Wouldn't you rather thrive and be proud of it?

I reached out to some past clients, as well as other small businesses that have really great, professional branding, and asked them the following question:

"What is the biggest impact professional branding has had on your business?"

Find out from other small business owners, like yourself, if professional branding is really worth the money!

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Jessie Bennett

Jessie Bennett Photography

Professional branding for my business has impacted not only my business, but me personally as a business owner. Through the entire branding process I learned so much about myself and my business…where I was, and where I wanted to be.  Professional branding inspired me to move forward, to push past insecurities, and to grow with my business.

Branding goes so much farther than a pretty logo…it helps to tell your story. Who you are, what you are, and why you are.

Branding my business with the help from Megan at Letterform, has been the without a doubt, the best business decision I have made not only for business and the bottom line, but for myself. To look at my brand and be proud of the work I do and love how I am represented in the marketplace has been life changing. 

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Melissa Bailey

Coast Beauty Co

Professional branding is the best investment I’ve made for my business. 

Before hiring on a design team, my head was filled with creative ideas for my business but they weren’t all cohesive. Taking the time to pull inspiration, create moodboards and focus on our ideal customer helped build a strong foundation.

From there, bringing in a team of experts to capture that into branding, elevated the business to another level. Customers felt that they could connect to the brand. They were inspired by it, they could relate to it and they were engaged.

In turn, it meant more sales and more interest from media and retailers. It also gave me more clarity in the business. Now, with every decision I make, I ask “is this on brand for Coast?” and it guides me to do what’s best for the business and my customers.

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Amber Michels

Your Milk Shoppe

I get compliments all the time about the branding and overall feel of my business. Without having branding that I felt 100% certain of and confident about, I would not have been as certain and confident about the direction and mission of my business.

I receive inquiries from people all over the country: both looking for a job at YMS and exploring hiring us for services because people notice my logo and soon after fall in love with our overall brand and mission.

It is absolutely crucial for all business owners to take branding seriously when launching their business. It is the first impression that will undoubtedly speak to your audience

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Emma Lemke

Floral & Mineral

Professional branding has had a huge impact on my mindset towards my business and who I attract as clients. I started out as a "self-acclaimed" and "self-taught" florist. Because of this, I felt like a fraud! I couldn't believe people were paying me!

Running a business is a lot about mindset and I didn't realise that so many people are "faking it until they're making it"! I had a love and passion for flowers & I loved using my creativity in this direction, but I wasn't sure at all how to run an effective business.

Because I had a mind set of "I'm a fraud", "no one would want to pay me properly" and "I really need the work, so I should discount, discount, discount!" my business really wasn't doing that great at all. 

My logo and branding definitely helped to change this for me. When I got a professional logo, business cards and a website, all of a sudden I felt real and I definitely looked more professional and "real".  I have so many clients come to me because they're attracted to my brand or my website. My logo helped me to stand out among the rest and it made me realise that I actually did have something great to offer in my business.

My mindset began to change. I started to see myself as a pretty darn good florist and someone worth spending your money on. I think because of my clean, professional and great branding, clients saw me this way too. I went from having clients with an average flower budget of $300 to an average of $2,500. This average is increasing yearly and I now do flowers for weddings with between $4,000- $5,000 flower budgets.

I owe a lot of this success to my brand. It not only communicates to my audience that I'm the real deal and have something great to offer, but it communicated to me that I'm the real deal and have something great to offer. If you have a great brand, you will start to believe in yourself. And, if you believe in yourself, your customers will believe in you.

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Meri Kate Perguson

Writing to Remember

Branding was difficult for me to wrap my head around in the beginning because I naively thought of Writing to Remember solely as a passion project, and in that thought the passion behind the project would be displayed in the writing.

However, when spending some time thinking about companies and organizations I'm drawn to and love, I quickly realized that their branding was a reflection of their mission and values.

I began to view branding as a sneak peak into the heartbeat of an organization. And when it came time to look into branding for Writing to Remember, I was able to understand that it is more than a pretty graphic or unique artwork, it's an opportunity to invite people into the heartbeat of your cause.

Poor branding or lack of branding can distract people from seeing what you're truly about which in turn can minimize someone's chance of connecting with the important message you have to share.

Connecting people with your mission is the number one goal, and I immediately saw where a professionally executed brand opened the door to this. It not only drew people to the site, but allowed the bridge of trust to be built more quickly so they were able to engage.

Branding has helped me articulate what Writing to Remember is all about so that those who visit it time and time again find WTR memorable and familiar, and those who visit it for the first time can quickly understand what WTR has to offer them.  

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Lauren Miller

Lauren Louise Photography

Hiring a professional designer for my photography company's branding has been the single best investment I've made since owning my business.

Washington DC is a saturated wedding market, so it wasn't enough to be an expert at my craft; I needed to have a brand that would help me stand out, and reflect how passionate I am about storytelling.

My designer created a cohesive look that reflected my personality and business mission. She used warm colors and clean lines to compliment my photos, but still let them do the talking. As my designer says, "Your brand is a marriage of your unique vision, voice, and totally rad ideas."

My favorite part of the re-branding experience was my designer's ability to bring the concepts of my brand to life. When I had trouble communicating my ideas to her, she helped me to articulate them in a way that made sense. 

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Mari Wuellner

Mari Wuellner Coaching

Until I worked with Megan on my professional branding I was pretty much 'all over the place'. I tried marketing to EVERYONE. 

While working with Megan she asked me insightful questions that required me to really drill down into the why behind my brand. She was able to help me streamline my focus and pinpoint my ideal clients.

The biggest impact is FOCUS. Focus on who I could best serve and who I should be really marketing to. 

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Celine Mactaggart  

24 East

Professional branding has been invaluable in determining our direction, and constantly serves as a touchstone for who we are and the pillars we continue to represent.

Working with Rowan Made was seamless and I learned a lot from Bre. I was impressed with her organization of the process, ability to hone in on our desired direction, and came to trust her. Every time I listened to her, it turned out to be the correct call.

Every time I reach out to someone for an interview, they remark at how beautiful the site is, and that has been key in securing the level of interviews we have been able to get; and has been the pivotal factor that attributed to our growth in just one year.

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Sophia Jordan

Sophia Jordan Photography

It professionally represents the values my business stands for. My branding distinguishes me from other businesses; it helps set me apart and communicate my business values. 

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Kim Butler

The Whiteboard Room

I've never considered myself to be very artistic but I have always appreciated art. As I began to work in the creative industry my appreciation broadened to branding and design which is what made my first investment as an entrepreneur easy: branding and design. I recognized how important it is to make a good first impression; and in business that first impression is almost always your brand. 

The biggest impact professional branding has had on my business is that it gave a refined first impression to my potential clients. When your brand is unclear you lose credibility, especially with creatives, so having an aesthetic and clear brand brought me a greater level of credibility early on. 

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Kay Wen


The SiiZU brand has benefited greatly from a very strong name that ultimately formed the spine of our brand. Our name “SiiZU” is a combination of the Finnish term “sisu”, which represents bravery and steel-like determination, and the Japanese term “Shizu”, which carries the meaning of a quiet, serene and clear world. These qualities combined truly represent our philosophy perfectly. 

With these clear qualities and directions, our design team came up with a custom typeface for our logo that gives out a gentle yet resolute look and feel. The round edges of our SiiZU logo flows into the harder edges seamlessly, while the white space between each letter help to give the logo an overall light and airy feel. 

This strong brand identity has certainly helped us with locking down our website design, where we were able to quickly pick out exactly how we would like our website to look and feel. Moreover, throughout our exploration of our brand identity, the SiiZU team were also able to re-learn about what the brand stands for, as the designing of our brand identity really dove into the core of our business and distilled the essential message of our company. 

What Is The Biggest Impact Professional Branding Has Had On Your Business?

Elizabeth Mayberry

Oak and Oats

The biggest impact professional branding has made on my business has been brand recognition and identity. Ever since I rebranded, Oak + Oats and my logo go hand in hand. But it is more than that - the colors, style, topics, voice - they all create a cohesive brand and draw all the aspects of my brand together (I'm a blogger, photographer, shop owner, & educator).

It has been so beneficial to be easily recognizable and have an audience who knows exactly what to expect from me and my site. It also keeps me on track! I have a million ideas swirling around in my head but the only ones that get worked out until completion are inline with my brand and my values.

It's a win-win for everyone! I finally have an organized, intentional, attractive brand that my readers are loyal to!

Have you invested in professional branding? If so, what is the biggest impact it's had on your business? If not, are you convinced it's worth it? Tell me in the comments below!

Branding Advice / 4 Easy Ways to Tell if Your Pre-Made or DIY Logo Isn’t Cutting It

Did you buy a pre-made logo or design your own for your small business? Here are four simple guidelines to determine if your company has outgrown your DIY'ed logo and whether or not It's time to invest in professional branding design.  Before and after examples show the impact that clean, modern typography can have on a logo. Click through to this blog post that includes helpful visual examples that will give you Creative inspiration and ideas for the growth of your brand!

There’s nothing wrong with using a pre-made logo, or even making one yourself, in the early stages of your business. With a tight budget, those are sometime the only options.

However, pre-made and DIY logos can only get you so far. Eventually your business will outgrow them. When that happens it’s time to start saving up, so that you can invest in a professionally-designed logo as soon as possible.

So how do you know when you’re at that point? Well, luckily there are a few tell-tale signs that will make it very obvious when you’re ready to upgrade your logo.

1. You See Your Logo (or Similar Logos) Being Used a Lot

The first sign is that you see a lot of other businesses with the same pre-made logo, or very similar logos to yours. This is particularly bad if these other businesses are within your own industry. Not only will your business blend into the crowd, but a potential client could mistake a competitor for you, and you’d lose out on that business.

Even if these other businesses using the same pre-made logo are in different industries, it's still a bad sign. Although, this may be slightly better than the above scenario, it really just means that your logo is too generic.

If you’re seeing your logo or a similar variation of it all over the place, then it’s time to invest in a logo that is a more unique to your industry and completely customized for your business.

You can see how the before logo below is rather generic. It could easily get lost in the crowd and it looks like many other logos out there.

The after version really reflects the style of Jessie Bennett Photography as a business. It is unique, and complimented by the rest of the branding, and her beautiful photography, it creates a very memorable impression.

4 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Pre-Made Or DIY Logo Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

2. It Doesn’t Reflect the Personality of Your Business

Another way to know that it’s time to upgrade your logo is when it’s not reflecting the personality of your business. Maybe it never reflected your business well, or maybe your business has evolved. Either way,  it no longer aligns with the overall style and mood of your business.

One good way to test this, is to jot down a list of adjectives that describe the way you want your business to be perceived. Then ask some friends, or better yet, your ideal client, what words come to mind when they see your logo.

You could ask this question in a Facebook group where your ideal client might hang out. See if their responses are similar to the list you made. If not, then you know it’s time for a new logo.

Below is a great example of this. The logo on the left was what The Butterfly Cake Factory was using before they hired me, but it did not match the personality of their business. They wanted to be perceived as classic yet trendy, modern, innovative, elegant, and passionate.

With their new logo, I used clean lines to keep it modern. The delicateness and overall simplicity of the logo lend an air of elegance to it.  Their new logo is a much better representation of their business and will attract the higher-end clients they’ve been focusing on.

4 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Pre-Made Or DIY Logo Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

3. It Doesn’t Attract Your Ideal Client

If you’re logo isn’t reflecting your company accurately, it’s probably not attracting your ideal client either. This could be because your ideal client has changed as your business has grown, or maybe you’re just starting out and you’ve never been able to attract your ideal client.

This one is a little trickier because there could be a variety of reasons why you’re not attracting your ideal client. However, your logo could definitely be a major culprit and it’s a good place to start if you want to attract a different kind of audience.

The benefit of hiring a professional designer is that they can walk you through the branding process, which will give you a better understanding of how you should be representing your business in all areas.

For example, one of the questions on my branding questionnaire is “How do you want your company to be perceived in the marketplace?” This question helps my clients to think about the way their business is currently being perceived and how they want to shift that.

Their answer to this impacts every part of their business, not only their logo, but the tone of voice they use in marketing materials, what they post on social media, the customer service they provide, and the list goes on. It will form the solid foundation on which they build the future of their business.

The example below shows the original logo for Your Milk Shoppe, and the logo I designed on the right. Their ideal client is an overwhelmed mother, in need of a helping hand. They want to instantly make her feel calm, welcomed, and supported. It’s easy to make the a good first impression with your ideal client when you have the right logo.

4 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Pre-Made Or DIY Logo Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

4. You’re Embarrassed by It

This is such a simple and obvious one, but I couldn’t leave it out because this alone is reason enough to invest in a new logo!

You have worked so hard to build your business and you should be proud of it! You should invest in marketing and tell everyone you can about your business. If your logo is holding you back from doing that, then it’s absolutely time to save up for a custom logo that you can be proud of.

It’s amazing what custom branding can do for your confidence. Here's what one of my clients says that branding did for her:

“Professional branding for my business has impacted not only my business, but me personally as a business owner…branding my business...has been without a doubt, the best business decision I have made not only for business and the bottom line, but for myself. To look at my brand and be proud of the work I do and love how I am represented in the marketplace has been life changing.”

Are you ready for that same kind of confidence in your business?

If so, shoot me a message and we can talk about how to get you there! I promise, IT IS possible for you to love your logo and be proud to show off your business.

Branding Advice / The Marketing Pieces You should hire a professional to design

SMall business owners have a limited marketing budget, so make sure you have a wise spending strategy! Some marketing collateral is worth outsourcing to a professional designer, while others can easily be designed yourself. Whether you need a postcard, business card, or brochure designed this article gives great tips and ideas to help you allocate your marketing budget wisely. It also covers important printing and website considerations, when allocating your budget. The great visuals throughout  will provide the creative inspiration you need to design your own marketing collateral when needed. Click through to Read more!

If you've hired a designer to do your branding or you’re considering doing so, it’s important to remember that the branding of your business doesn’t end once you receive all of your final files. Once your brand identity is in place, it’s time to start putting it to work.

If you're not able to outsource all of your design tasks, you'll have to prioritize which ones are worth it and which to save money on. To help you determine this, I've outlined a few important things to consider.

One-Time Use vs. Ongoing-Use

One thing to take in to account when considering which design tasks to outsource, is the longevity of the piece in question. Is this going to be an item that will have a one-time use?

For example, a flyer for your upcoming launch party, or a postcard for your Black Friday sale. Obviously those items would only be used for a short period. If your budget is tight then those are ones to design yourself.

On the other hand, if you need a postcard that lists all your services or a flyer that has a schedule of ongoing classes, those are worth investing in. You’ll continually be using that kind of marketing material and it's important that it look professional.

Postcard Design / Letterform Creative 

Low-visibility vs. High-visibility

Another thing to take into consideration is how much visibility you anticipate this marketing piece to receive. If you’re attending a large conference where you expect to network with a lot of potential clients, then a professional-looking business card is a must.

If there’s an item that you don’t expect many people to see, then that may not be worth the investment. For example, I have a PDF of my pricing for wedding stationery. Wedding stationery isn’t the main focus of my business and I don’t end up sending this out to many people. If you have something similar in your business then that’s a good time to save your money and DIY it.

Letterform Creative

Printing Method Considerations

Another thing to take into consideration is the type of printing method you intend to use. If you plan on using a specialty method like letterpress business cards or a gold-foil invitation, then you should have a professional design it. There are a lot of technicalities that go into preparing files for these kinds of printing methods, and the cost to reprint if there are mistakes is very high.

Letterform Creative

Website Considerations

Website design and development are definitely worth outsourcing for many reasons. For one thing, web design is highly technical. Although there are many ways that you can build your own site, there are so many things that can only be customized with coding knowledge.

Your website has the potential to bring new clients in all the time and is always available for anyone to see. It’s very likely the first impression many people will have of your business, which it makes it so worth the investment of a professional designer.

Aside from looking professional, your website also has to be user-friendly, which is knowledge that a good designer will have. If you have to create your own website to start with there's nothing wrong with that, but invest in professional help as soon as you're able.

Letterform Creative

It’s certainly nice to be able to outsource all of your design needs in order to free up your time to do other things, to maintain visual consistency, and to ensure your business always appears professional.

However, if you’re working with a limited budget for design, then follow the above guidelines to make sure you’re using your design dollars wisely.

If you’re currently doing all of your own design and need a little guidance, check out my free Mini Branding Guide!