Mood / Cool + Collected

Mood / Cool + Collected

This calming mood board is for a registered dietitian, whose mission it is to help people heal their relationships with their body and food, in order to thrive. In the midst of a process that can be messy and tumultuous, the necessity for grace and patience is huge.

Brand Style: Classic / Minimal / Clean / Clear / Comforting / Professional

With this mood board and the brand as a whole, we wanted to create a sense of comfort, peace, and reassurance. I love that even though this mood board is so modern and minimal (which can easily start to feel cold and sterile), it only takes a few splashes of the softest blues to create a completely serene sense.

Mood / Playfully Modern

Mood Board / Stylishly Playful

I have recently been working on the branding and packaging design for a children's brand with this mood board as the inspiration. It's always fun to work on a children's brand because there's so much room to be playful with it. 

Brand Style: Modern / Stylish / Playful / Unique / High-end

For the branding we've paired hand-lettered and hand-painted elements with a playful, modern sans serif. We're using a simple, feminine color palette that will appeal to mamas and won't compete with the color of the products. Can't way to share the final brand!

Mood / Timelessly Modern

Looking for branding inspiration for your small business? This mood board is sophisticated with a heritage feeling. Serif fonts and neutral colors evoke the timelessness of the brand, while the sans serifs and clean lines keep it modern. 

This mood board is for a branding project I just wrapped up. We wanted to evoke a sophisticated, heritage feeling in a modern way. Serif fonts and neutral colors evoke the timelessness of the brand, while the sans serifs and clean lines keep it fresh and current. 

Can you guess what kind of brand this one was for? It's not too hard to figure out ;) The final product will be in my portfolio soon. Can't wait to share!

Mood / Warm + Relaxed Nostalgia

Looking for a little branding inspiration? This Mood board, designed by Letterform Creative, is for a family films videographer. The warm color palette and natural textures evoke a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Mood boards are a great way to guide your personal or business logo design or brand identity. If you're unable to work one-on-one with a graphic designer, create your own. The first step is to gather all of the Ideas you have, then pare them down to a  single, unified style. Click through to read more on the blog. 

Here's another mood board coming your way!

I love how each mood board has the potential to evoke a different emotion. This one makes me feel relaxed, happy, and completely content, basically like I'm soaking in a warm bubble bath (maybe it's the middle image on the top). Even though cool colors are typically associated with calm feelings, this board with it's warm palette is very calming to me.

This was the inspiration for a logo I designed for a videographer, specializing in family films. We just wrapped up the logo and it was a blast to work on! I'll be sharing it over here soon.

In the meantime, I'd love to know what emotions this mood board evokes for you?

Mood Board / Unique Minimalism

In need of some branding design  inspiration? THis beautiful mood board is the perfect balance of classic and modern. Clean, minimal lines meld perfectly with unique handmade touches. The simple black + white color palette is beautifully balanced with pops of bold, modern color. Click through for more branding advice and ideas. learn how Letterform creative can create a custom logo and brand identity for your small business!

This mood board is for a project that I recently wrapped up. The brand makes the sweetest, classically minimal jewelry.  This board is a spot on visualization of the overall brand and the final design. It's the perfect balance of classic and modern. Clean lines meld perfectly with unique handmade touches. The simple black + white palette is beautifully balanced with pops of bold, modern color. 

There is something so satisfying in creating a mood board that perfectly represents a brand.

It's such a fun exercise, and especially enjoyable when you have wonderful brands to work with and clients with great taste. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Mood Board / Soft + Sweet

Mood Soft + Sweet / Letterform Creative

Doesn't this board just make you kind of swoon and want to start wedding planning? Personally I didn't really like wedding planning. It was so much work, but this board is so lovely it kind of makes me forget all of the wedding stress.

It's for the branding and website I recently did for a curated, hand-made wedding market. You can see bits and pieces of the branding in my portfolio, but I'll be sharing more on the blog soon!

Mood Board / Clean + Green

Mood Clean + Green / Letterform Creative

I LOVE this mood board. I knew from the get-go that this client had great taste, which made making this mood board so enjoyable.

There's something so refreshing, yet calming about this board. It's sophisticated and on-trend. Every detail of this mood board is perfect in the most casually imperfect way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Mood Board / Perfectly Polished Pastels

Mood / Letterform Creative

I am absolutely head over heals for this mood board! The colors are so dreamy. It has the perfect unfussy elegance to it.

We've already finished the logo and I can't wait to share it. It's the perfect representation of this board and more importantly of the client's business, which is a cake shop....and cake is one of my favorite things in the world. It doesn't get much better than that.

Mood Board: Organic Glitz

Mood Board: Organic Glitz | Letterform Creative

Here's a fun mood board for your! This is for some wedding stationery that I recently designed for a dear friend. I instantly loved her vision of metallics and sparkles, with touches of greenery and wood. It was a blast to make this mood board and even more fun seeing the stationery come to life!